Teeth Straightening

Teeth straightening is the process of aligning and moving teeth into the right position according to a person’s bite using external force and pressure over time. In simple words – if you have crooked, misaligned or misplaced teeth, they can be aligned again properly.

Basically, teeth straightening is aimed at improving dental health by correcting crooked teeth, underbites, overbites, deep bites, open bites, cross bites, teeth gaps, and other flaws of the teeth and jaw.

What are benefits of teeth straightening ?

  1. Cleaning in between crooked teeth can get very hard resulting in tooth decay and gum diseases.
  2. They improve gum health creating a strong defense system against periodontal disease.
  3. They help you chew your food well which is important for good digestion.
  4. They improve facial appearance by lifting the mouth upwards, making the skin look firmer and younger.

Nearly 80% of people said that straightening their teeth was one of the most important treatments they have ever received.

What are the options of teeth straightening ?

1. Teeth straightening with braces .

Dental braces are devices used to align crooked teeth and fill the gap in between them. They are strategically placed to apply just the right pressure on teeth and move them into the correct position. Usually, braces need to be worn for 18 months to 2 years. However, the duration of the treatment depends on your goal and the type of braces you choose.

There are 4 main types of braces:

2. Teeth straightening without braces .

Aligners are clear, custom-made mouthguard-like braces that slip over your teeth and bring them in the correct position with repeated wear. Unlike other braces, they are not visible on your teeth and can be removed when you’re having mealand slipped back on.Moreover, they are quicker than traditional metal braces.

There are two types of Aligners: